Meet the Team

Each day, more than 100 employees arrive at the Pure Romance Offices in Loveland, Ohio, focused on providing support for our thousands of Consultants in the field. Whether packing and shipping the latest order, answering questions over the phone, planning the next Empowerment Summit, or brainstorming exciting names for new products, this is the team that works 9 to 5 so our Consultants don’t have to. Here’s a bit more about the key players at Pure Romance working to help Consultants live their dreams.


Heather Battles
Senior Vice President of Creative

Since 2003, Heather Battles has worked with Pure Romance in a number of different capacities. She brings over 8 years of direct-sales experience to the company as well as a Bachelor of Science in Sports Administration from Ohio University. Her favourite part of the job? Being “hands-on” with projects. Heather started as an administrative assistant and has taken it upon herself to learn absolutely all there is to know about every facet of Pure Romance’s business model. Heather is now the go-to person at Pure Romance. Everything ranging from Consultant marketing materials to creative brainstorming and development for the business bears her mark.