The Basics

Discover a career filled with both fun and profit! Think of all the excitement, laughter, and fun you have when you attend a Pure Romance party. Now combine that with the adrenaline you feel every payday. That's what it's like to be a Pure Romance Consultant! Want to make some extra cash on the weekends? Easily earn as much as R8,000 per week just by doing a few parties. Sick of the daily office grind? Take your Pure Romance business full-time and you'll discover what thousands of women already know —a life where you’re in control of your schedule and your paycheck!


It's Possible with Pure Romance

It’s time to take control of your financial future. The freedom to enjoy quality time with your friends and family without the weight of what needs to be done at the office. The opportunity to earn free vacations to exotic places you’ve always dreamed of seeing. It’s your time to make it happen!

Becoming a Pure Romance Consultant is your ticket to transforming your dreams into your reality. With an irresistible product line that practically sells itself, you can start sharing the excitement with your friends and family immediately. Each woman who attends your party will want to share the fun with her other friends and family members, and that’s when your business explodes!

Getting started is as simple as choosing the Starter Kit that fits your budget. Each Starter Kit contains a selection of products that lets you begin holding parties right away. Plus, you’ll immediately start earning a big percentage of everything you sell—in fact, most Pure Romance Consultants are earning 50% profit!


Your journey toward a new lifestyle begins with this first step! Learn more about becoming a Consultant today! Fill out the form below and your local Consultant will contact you with further information.