Try a Theme

When you choose a theme for your Pure Romance party, you set the tone. Primavera or pizza? Wine glasses or beer mugs? Little black dress or favourite jeans? Clue in your guests on how they should dress, what they should bring, and what a great time they’re going to have by choosing from our suggested party themes, or get creative and discuss other ideas with your Consultant!

Girls’ Night In!
Bachelorette Party
Birthday Party
Back on the Market Party
Little Black Dress Party
Wine & Chocolate Party


Girls’ Night In!

Movies? Been there. Dance club? Done that. Pure Romance? That's it! Call your besties and let them know it's time for a night that's long overdue. You'll have a chance to finally reconnect with friends, share some cheeks-are-hurting laughter, and learn from an educated Consultant how to spice things up in exciting ways! She'll guide you and your guests through the product line with the best in bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories, plus she'll help you with everything from invitations to menu ideas to decor and more. You'll receive a free gift for hosting and 10% of your party's sales to use toward the Pure Romance product you love—all for throwing a party your friends will never forget!

Your Pure Romance party starts here!

Make your next Girls’ Night one all your friends will wish they’d thought of! Our knowledgeable Consultants are here to help you book your party and you’ll receive FREE gifts just for hosting the event!